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27 March 2011 @ 10:21 pm
黒執事 ー The most beautiful death in the world  
 After watching the first musical of Kuroshitsuji - sono shitsuji, yuuko (Kuroshitsuji - That Butler, Friendship) Naturally , I was interested in watching this one too.

I liked the opening, I thought the part where we see Grell performing with the many butlers was good.

I like that the Scotland yard detective Aberlaine, often pops up once in a while, thus providing some light entertainment, via joking around. I think this makes the musical just a little more entertaining.

I thought Sebastian's character was acted out much better in this one than the previous.

I really liked Sebastian's performance when he sang during his and Ciel's meeting with Undertaker.
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Katrina: Love Shuffle ♥kmakms on April 13th, 2011 09:35 pm (UTC)
Are the musicals good? I wanted to watch them because Miyano Mamoru is in them...
I have yet to see him acting, so I was curious