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22 April 2011 @ 08:59 pm
meme day 7: 7 Wants  

 The 10-day-you-challenge

10 Secrets
9 loves
8 fears
7 wants
6 places you want to go
4 books
3 films
2 songs
1 picture of yourself

Wants...Isn't this just asking for selfish greed, so excuse me for being that way...

1 - Phone Booth

Not just any phone booth,
I want Bill & Ted's phone booth.
I think it would be great to travel through time, and see how people lived, such as  your ancestors.
I'd really like to see what it was like for my Great Grandfather travelling on boats writing his stories etc etc etc. 
Perhaps I am nosey and want to spy on what my family were like.
I think it would also be fun to see what the future will be like too.
2  - Dad

I Want my Dad to be truly happy. I don't want him to have worries...
3 -  Akihide

What we have with NEVER LAND is great.
I'd like to have more Akihide solo works, It would be nice to flaunt the conventions, and have BREAKERZ even if its just once, include solo's from each member just for the sake of getting some Akihide solo works heh heh.  
Maybe to have bonus tracks on an album where they include a solo...
I know it will never happen, but that doesn't mean I can't want it.

I think it would be interesting to hear how the songs written and composed by Akihide would sound if it were him singing them...

4 - No Regrets
 I want to be able to look back and be able think I don't regret the choices i've made.

As you grow up, aren't there things you really wish you could go back and change about your life?
These are the things that make us who we are now, and if we had made other choices, maybe we'd look back and regret those too,
but when you are much wiser and are able to think
"arghh why did I ever do that, why didn't I...instead".
It''s not good to feel this way,
And so I want the future me to be able to look back at the me now and think it was ok.
5 - Be a better me

I want to grow as a person,
to become a better person.
A better body would be nice too...

6 - Damijaw
I want Damijaw to release DVD's of his lives!!!

*Refraining from being too selfish and asking for more...*
7 - To live
I want to be able to happily  live.


- Akihide