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26 April 2011 @ 08:58 pm
meme day 6: 6 places you want to go  
 The 10-day-you-challenge

10 Secrets
9 loves
8 fears
7 wants
→ 6 places you want to go
4 books
3 films
2 songs
1 picture of yourself

1 - Lives

I want to go to the lives of bands I like, as well as to lives such as Jack In The Box, and HYDE's Halloween lives etc etc etc.

2 - Fly away to Never Land
I want to go to Never Never Land 
play with the fairies and pixies  and the pirates
think happy thoughts

3 - Mauritius

I want to go and see the places where my Grandfather lived...

4 - Past, present , future

I said this in part 7 
I want to see the past and I want to see the future, I want to travel through time to visit anywhere and everywhere to see what it was / will be like.


5 -  Stage

Just like what I said about music, I'd like to go to see actors etc too live, in stage plays etc...

6 - E.T phone home だっべ

I want to go to another world
it would be fascinating to see life on another planet
etc etc etc...

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