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27 March 2011 @ 10:06 pm
黒執事 ー その執事、友子   

I decided to watch this musical, as I had read the manga and watched the anime, which I found them both to be enjoyable.

When watching this musical, I thought that vocally the best was Sebastian (Matsushita Yuya), however I thought his acting was not quite Sebastian.

I did like the way the characters were acted. 

I was intrigued as to how the characters would be visually, as it could have been either bad cosplay or well done, fortunately I found them to look good as their characters.
I really liked Undertaker and Grell, as I had also done so in the previous forms of this story.
I think I laughed too much during the scene where they try to entertain Undertake; The part I mean is; when Finnian brought out Tanaka-san (^_^) 
A part during this musical which I particularly enjoyed, was the fight scene between Sebastian and Grell, I especially liked the part when Grell blew a kiss to Sebastian.

I thought it was great to see many of the characters whom we are familiar with from the manga. As well as hearing Tanaka-san's voice for narrative parts etc.
I thought this musical was enjoyable to watch. (^__^)